Breastfeeding Accessories :

Nipple Shield - For short-term use, this ultra-thin, flexible shield is an aid to encourage baby's latch on to the breast, help bottle-fed babies return to breastfeeding, an/or cushion sore sensitive nipples. 


The Ameda Baby Cup -  was developed by breastfeeding specialists in England. The baby Cup offers a non-invasive way of supplementing a breastfed baby without causing nipple confusion. Is safe, easy and economical, as it can be re-used. This 2oz. Feeding cup is ideal for use in newborns and older babies. Has an airtight cover to protect stored milk, and is safe to use in a dishwasher.

$10.96 for 6

Breast Shell System - Ameda Breast Shells protect nipples and prevent soreness and irritation. They allow for air circulation while simultaneously collecting drip milk. The shells may also be used to help draw out flat or inverted nipples. The Breast Shell System consists of 2 aerated shells, 2 sets of backs ( 1 pair for sore nipples, 1 pair for inverted nipples); 10 cotton roll inserts to absorb drip milk, six felt pads to soften shell-to-breast contact. 


Breast Pads -
Contoured reusable nursing pads come in boxes of 6. These are 100% cotton pads, multi-layered and machine washable. 


Soothies™  Glycerin Gel Pads - are used to soothe and heal traumatized nipples by creating an optimal healing environment. These Glycerin Gel Pads provide a cooling sensation to soothe and heal painful or tender nipples and enhance breastfeeding success. In addition, Soothies™ protects against friction and provides moist wound healing. These pads are bacteriostatic and fungiostatic.

Soothies™ are very comfortable to wear, easy to use and enhance tissue healing. For additional pain relief, Soothies™ hydrogel pads can be placed in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before application. This helps to provide more rapid relief of irritated, sore nipples.

Soothies™ are very easy to clean. Simply wipe the gel surface with a clean, damp cloth. If the backing becomes wet, it will not affect the function of the gel pad. It will dry and the gel pad can continue to be used.


$12.50 Per Pair

Starter S.N.S. - The economical Starter Supplemental Nursing System was created as a supplemental feeding device for short-term use. 


Baby Bliss Gripe Water

Gripewater is a natural liquid solution which provides relief for babies and children suffering from minor stomach discomforts due to gas, colic and hiccups. It has been used for more than one hundred years in many other parts of the world and has just been introduced in the United States.

Gripewater is a blend of healthy ingredients known to be beneficial for digestion, including fennel and ginger. It does not contain alcohol, sugar, fillers, artificial colors or flavors, yeast, soy, gluten, dairy or starch.

Pediatrician recommended.

$12.50 /4 fl.oz

Mother's Milk Freezer Bags - Designed specifically to collect, store and freeze breast milk. Each pack contains 20 disposable bags, 20 twist ties and 1 set of instructions. Individual bags are sterile.  


My Breast Friend Feeding Pillow by Zenoff Products, Inc - Unique wrap-around design gives added support to arms, elbows and back. Stays in place with adjustable velcro fastener and adjusts to fit perfectly every time. Accommodates both cradle and football nursing holds. Has a 100% cotton removable, machine washable cover that unzips all the way around for easy cleaning.    



The Complete Idiot's Guide To Breastfeeding - A comprehensive guide to assist the new mother with breastfeeding. Contains expert advice on breastfeeding premature babies, information on breastfeeding legislation, tips on choosing a breast pump and simple ideas for getting support from friends and family.

Deals with obstacles to breastfeeding, returning to work, mothers support groups and understanding baby’s feeding cues. Is comprehensive, enjoyable and entertaining and easy to use as a reference guide.