"My nursing problems were extensive right from the start. Our daughter was small and had a very weak suck. I had extreme breast and nipple pain for about 6 full weeks and my milk production was not what I needed it to be. I had every reason to quit and only one reason not to- for the benefit of our daughter. Nadine stuck with me and encouraged me to keep going even when I became despondent. Her forthright attitude, knowledge, skill and compassionate bedside manner were instrumental in getting us where we are now. My plump and healthy daughter is 3 1/2 months old now and nurses beautifully. It is an experience that neither one of us can imagine being without, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to benefit from Nadine's considerable insight. Many thanks to her!"

Stephanie and Shawn Crystal
and baby Zoe Marisa Crystal

"You were like an angel to Claire and me in an time of need.  I will always remember your kindness and skilled care"

Barbara M. Portigue

"Thank you for all of your help.  I would probably have given up without your support."


"Our Experience with Nadine was the most positive of all.  She consistently went the extra mile to help get breastfeeding established.  She is one of the most dedicated and compassionate people with whom I have ever come into contact."

Mrs. W. Hurley Ryan, JNR

"Your time and expertise were invaluable.  We appreciate highly motivated, energetic clinical preceptors, such as yourself, who are willing to share their knowledge and skills to guide the development of caring and competent Health Care Providers with a holistic approach."

Dr. Donna R. Hodnicki
Professor and Director MSN Program
Georgia Southern University