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Quick snacks and simple meal planning

A motherís time and energy may be in short supply while adjusting to the changes in her life after the birth of her baby. Snacks can be an important source of daily nutritional needs if chosen with care.

The following is a list of quick, easy and nutrition-dense snacks.

Bagel with cream cheese
Banana nut bread
Celery and peanut butter
Cheese and crackers
Cheese cubes
Cottage Cheese
Dried fruit and nut mix
Frozen banana Fruit salad
Granola and yogurt
Hard boiled eggs
Milk shakes with fruit
Peanut butter sandwich
Popsicles made with juice
Raw vegetables with dip

Simple meal planning is also important to the new mother. If people ask what they can do to help, mother can ask for help with meal preparation or a meal ready to heat in the oven. When mother cooks, she can double the recipe and freeze half or keep half for a second nightís meal. Casseroles, meals in a slow cooker, or dishes with meat and vegetable cooking together are simple and time saving. This is a good time to collect recipes which have a small number of ingredients or are simple to prepare.


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