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Questions women ask about breastfeeding

Until the 1930ís breastfeeding was almost universally practiced. At that time, infant formula made from modified cow milk was developed and became a symbol of an affluent society. This led to a dramatic decline in breastfeeding. Since the 1960ís, studies have repeatedly proven the benefits of breastfeeding and the superiority of human milk. With the support of the medical profession and parents alike, breastfeeding has enjoyed a resurgence to once again become the preferred infant feeding method.

Why is human milk the best choice?

Do breastfeeding mothers have to expose their breasts in public?

Do women have to have large breasts to breastfeed?

Does breastfeeding cause mothers to lose their figure?

Do breastfeeding mothers have to follow a strict diet?

What role can father play in breastfeeding and infant care

Are breastfeeding parents more apt to be confined at home?

Can breastfeeding be continued if the mother chooses to return to work or school?

What is so special about human milk?

What breastfeeding information is needed prenatally?

Learning about breastfeeding

How the body changes

How the breast functions

Testing for inverted or flat nipples

Treatment of inverted nipples

How do I position my baby at the breast?

Finding a comfortable position

Getting baby latched on to the breast

Other positions for breastfeeding

Recommended daily allowances

Quick snacks and simple meal planning

Foods to avoid

Special dietary needs

How do I father my breastfed baby?

Bonding and relationships

Baby-father interactions

Communication is important

Setting priorities

Giving the mother personal time

Supporting the employed mother

Parenting is a special job

Does jaundice have to affect breastfeeding?

Can I breastfeed my premature baby?

How can breastfeeding help the premature baby?

What about pumping while baby is in the hospital?

What kind of pump is best to use?

How often and long are parents allowed to be with the baby?

When will baby be allowed to feed at the breast and what can the mother expect?

What tips are there for mothers beginning to breastfeed a premature baby?

What about going home?

How do I manage breastfeeding and working?

Each family is unique

Getting off to a good start

Scheduling your day

Pumping while away

How to choose a pump

Helpful hints for the daycare provider

How do I choose a breast pump?

Kinds of pumps

Choosing a pump

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