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Baby-father interactions

Babies have a need for movement. In infancy, however, they can’t accomplish that alone. Many fathers enjoy taking their infants for a walk in a stroller or in a baby carrier. Babies love it; it gives them a change of scenery and while father is getting some exercise, he experiences the pride of showing off his offspring to admirers. The close physical contact provided by the use of baby carriers or slings is particularly effective at enhancing parent-child attachment.

At home, a father can burp and diaper and play with baby. After nursing, being burped and falling asleep on daddy’s shoulder or chest shows the baby that daddy is a place for comfort too. When the mother has had a particularly difficult day, the father can encourage her to rest and bring baby to her when he wakens. During fussy times, a father is often just what is needed to console baby by rocking, singing or walking with him. Picking up a fussy or crying baby builds the baby’s trust. Since fussing and crying are the only way he has to communicate his needs, when he is responded to he learns that he has been heard by someone who cares.


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