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What kind of pump is best to use?

A piston-driven electric pump most closely simulates the rhythmic sucking action of a nursing baby and is the pump of choice for sustaining the milk supply when the baby is unable to nurse. It can be used with a kit which pumps both breasts simultaneously. Pumping both breasts concurrently saves time and has been shown to produce higher levels of prolactin in the mother and a greater amount of milk than pumping the breasts one at a time. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of renting a hospital-quality pump. A prescription from the doctor stating babyís need for his motherís milk is necessary.

What is the best way to transport expressed milk to the hospital?

Refrigerated milk needs to be kept cold and frozen milk kept frozen on the trip to the hospital. The milk can be packed in ice in a small cooler or insulated container. Each container needs to be clearly marked with the name of the mother, name of the baby, date and time the milk was collected. Mother needs to be sure that a hospital staff member transfers the milk directly to their freezer unless it is to be used within 24 hours.


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