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Each family is unique

Each family will be part of a working and breastfeeding situation that is unique to them. For this reason, it is recommended that a breastfeeding mother who is employed outside the home contact a lactation consultant or La Leche League Leader to discuss her situation. These resource persons will have ideas to share to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Some factors to be considered are:

• The age of the baby when the mother returns to work makes a difference. The older the baby, the easier the transition may be. A six month old baby can start solids and start drinking from a cup while a six week old baby needs to nurse on a two to three hour schedule. The mother’s physical recovery at six weeks postpartum also needs to be taken into consideration.

• Each job will pose its own considerations. What is the stress level? Will it be full-time, part-time or flex-time? Will the mother start with part time and work into full time hours? Many different ideas are available in the book, Of Cradles and Careers: A Guide to Reshaping Your Job to include a Baby in Your Life by Kaye Lowman which is available from La Leche League International. It can be helpful in answering some of your questions and offers some creative alternatives to established 9-to-5 jobs. The Working Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding by Nancy Dana and Anne Price is another excellent resource.

• The care of the baby when separated from its mother is an important consideration that requires some advance planning. Some women are able to take their baby to work with them, at least while the baby is very small. Fathers or other family members are sometimes able to care for the baby while mother works. If a daycare provider is used, choose one near the mother’s place of employment rather than near her home. Choose a caregiver who will give your baby individual care and is supportive of breastfeeding.


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