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Helpful hints for the daycare provider

Allows mother and baby some quiet time to nurse when she drops the baby off. When the baby is picked up, take a few minutes to share information about the babyís day as mom takes time to nurse the baby before leaving for home.

Many breastfed babies will drink a bottle very quickly and seem to need more milk. Give the baby rests during feedings if he is taking milk too fast. A smaller opening in the bottle nipple may be necessary. Use of a pacifier to satisfy sucking needs may be appropriate if the mother agrees.

If formula is needed to supplement the motherís milk, it should be given early in the day. Formula takes twice as long to digest as human milk, so if it is given too close to when mom is due back, baby may not want to nurse.

Try not to feed the baby within an hour of momís return, so that he will want to nurse.


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