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Do breastfeeding mothers have to follow a strict diet?

The only diet needed during breastfeeding is a well-balanced one. Food intake can be increased since nutritional requirements are greater for protein, B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, and C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Drinking to satisfy the nursing motherís thirst helps to prevent dehydration and supplies enough fluid to produce an adequate milk supply. Caffeine and alcohol should be consumed in small amounts, if any, since small traces are passed through the milk to the infant. Some mothers may find that certain foods upset their infants and thus may want to limit or eliminate those foods from their diets.

If a nursing mother does not eat a well-balanced diet, it is the motherís health than will be compromised. The milk will still be nutritious and beneficial to the infant. If the mother is truly malnourished the quality of her milk will remain constant but the quantity will be less.



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